Our culture has changed radically. When Visual Truth was formed in early 2019, the ways people, especially young people, were finding and connecting with businesses had shifted radically toward smaller screens, to search and purchase almost everything.

When the Covid-19 pandemic shut down the world, another radical shift happened, and it will have continuing effects. New ways needed to be devleoped to connect with clients, bring them into businesses, and enable purchases.

On July 1, 2019, Google began to use mobile-first indexing in ranking websites.

What this means in practicality is that mobile-first websites will typically receive preferential ranking. They will almost always rank higher in SEO, especially Google, so in searches they will be listed ahead of others. 

At Visual Truth we use mobile first design to build mobile web apps and websites.

Mobile 1st web apps make sense for a lot of reasons:


* they rank better; 

* mobile first is leaner, cleaner and faster;

* our sites are secure;

* already, 60% of websites (and growing) are accessed via mobile devices first; 

* it's where potential clients are already searching;

* mobile first programming language brings new possibilities to all platforms from mobiles to desktop, such as,

* ecommerce,

* GPS directions,

*  single-click call, text, email;

* real-time connection offers dynamic interactivity with those who visit your site.

Mobile first is the future.

Let us show you some of the possibilities.


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You may find your imagination is your greatest limit when we're creating your mobile 1st website.

Your site can have the latest in website development, along with the best of mobile technology.

Imagine your client opening up your website with their smartphone when they discover a single click link, a hotlink, will send a text or email, or dial your phone!

Use your own custom video to tell your story. When they want to know more, a single click connects you via call, text or email. A GPS map can bring them to your door.

Your shopping cart can receive payment, send you an email and thank them for their business in real time, even giving notice of when they can expect to receive your shipment.

Your mobile 1st website can:

* Connect clients with you in real time via call, text or email;

* Use custom videos to tell your story;

* Enable and process purchases in real time, as if in person;

* Deposit payment directly into your account;

* Use GPS maps to guide clients to your place of business; 

* You Mobile 1st website can do much, much more.

* Mobile 1st websites are fast and secure.

* Let us give you a free demonstration of how we can help you connect with your clients and grow your business.


Your Storefront Web App is able to engage prospective clients at first glance, provide them with single-click call, email or text; and showcase your store as you premier products directly from their smartphone, tablet or desktop. Your Web App joins the best of new website innovations and smart phone capabilities. Did you notice the single-click hotlinks above? The Inquiries Contact Form? The QR Code that is a direct link to your app? All those are ways to instantly engage clients.

With ECommerce enabled, your Web App can process purchases, provide shipping dates on orders, and send acknowledgements to you chosen destination.

All transactions are secure and deposited directly into your account.

Mobile 1st Web Apps

Complete E-Commerce Storefront

Your 24/7 Doorway to Engaging Clients and Making Sales

Contact us to see how we can help your business thrive in a crowded marketplace.


Visual Truth Media

Media that illuminates

Visual Truth produces media to illustrate, illuminate and invigorate.

Original large format photographs display the glory of God's creation.

Custom videos can help convey the value of particular products or ideas, as well as the distinctive nature of a business or project. 

Wall Hangings

Images to Illuminate Homes and Businesses

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