Mobile apps already make business easier for the owner and consumer, and new solutions to the challenges of doing business and life are discovered every day. Whether you're a church wanting to disciple your flock, maximize your mission or increase giving; a restaurant wanting to gain new customers, increase customer loyalty and grow your business; or a business wanting to make yourself known to new customers, a Visual Truth Mobile App can help you engage your audience and achieve your goals. 

Clarify... Convey... Connect

Just some of what Visual Truth Apps can help you do.

Smoky Mountain Digital Directory

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Smoky Mountain Digital Directory helps users know the what, when and where of happenings in the Smoky Mountains. Happenings is a calendar of events updated by several local organizations to inform users of coming events.

Maps of area waterfalls, hiking trails, motorcycle routes and biking routes and trails are included with directions from wherever the user chooses.

Things to Do and See are also included to avail users of some of the wonders of the Smoky Mountains.

Also included are places to eat, stay and shop, as well as Drinks n' Treats and Services.

Sweetening the offering are Deals, Specials and Freebies area businesses offer as a benefit  to those who come.

A weekly blog features something of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Digital Directories are great tools to help any business, community, or shopping center benefit their clients. You may include coupons to attract first time clients, or Loyalty Rewards to develop repeat business. GPS directions from anywhere can help clients find you and plan their day. Perhaps best of all is the ability you can have to build connective relationships with clients.

Visual Truth Church Apps

Visual Truth church apps can take connectivity to a whole new level.

  • Increase giving by making online giving easy and secure (typically a 5-15% increase)
  • Communicate quickly to specific groups
  • Clarify your vision to inspire and empower
  • Disseminate teachings, notes in real time
  • Share prayer requests in real time
  • Nurture connections with the hard to reach
  • Grow community, increase ministry opportunities & networking
  • Improve communication 

Visual Truth Business Apps

 Our business apps can help you gain new customers and increase your loyal ones.

You can:

  • Instantly notify all users of specials
  • Process checks and invoices directly with customers
  • Send receipts directly in real time
  • Restaurants can put their menus in the hands of every user
  • Restaurant staff can process cards in front of customers 
  • Be found through GPS directions
  • Put your business info in everyone's hands
  • Develop repeat business through loyalty programs
  • Use coupons to grow repeat new business
  • Grow relationships with customers
  • Notify customers in real time with specials

This support page (FAQs and individual replies) are responsive to support inquiries that come in, and are updated regularly. 

Are Visual Truth Mobile Apps free? Yes, Visual Truth Mobile Apps are free to end users. Resources are gifted to users by subscribers desiring to help users.

How often are apps updated? Regularly; for some apps, it may be weekly. Others need updating less often, perhaps monthly, or quarterly.

How will users know about updates? Users who accept notifications will receive them when updates are posted.

Will Visual Truth Apps need reinstalling?  Mostly, no. Exceptions are major architecture or hard coding changes.   

Can users make suggestions? Absolutely! We welcome suggestions as our apps are designed to benefit users. Who knows users needs better than the users themselves? Use the form below to make suggestions.


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