Do you want to gain new customers?

Have better customer retention?

Make it easier for your clients.

Consumers continue to move toward more personal device use. Smart phones are used for almost anything today, particularly searching for the next need; whether it's what to eat next or what to do, wear, or see.

It's all about convenience and instant knowledge, and the easier you can make things for your clients, the more you'll be able to connect with them and build value in your offerings to them.

Digital Directories are the way to be found, and you can use them to bring value to your clients. As a subscriber, you give them maps of waterfalls, hiking trails, motorcycle and bike routes, along with a plethora of information of things to do, places to see and more.

Your ad can link to your website or social media, give directions from wherever your client is to your door. A single click can shoot you an email, dial your phone, or show a video. Connecting with your potential clients in real time can skyrocket response rates and increase sales.

You can build loyalty with Digital Loyalty Programs; you can offer special coupons to bring in new business and benefit current and future clients.

You can display a menu, or show users what you want them to see about who you are and the value you offer. You can include a video showing your clients enjoying your service or giving a testimonial about your product. Yes, we can shoot your video for you, too!

Special introductory prices begin at $14/month ($150/yr); premium listings are only $24/month ($240/yr) and professional listings are less than $1.00/day. 

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